Frequently Asked Questions About Your Hunt


What is an appropriate gratuity for my hunting guide?

Our hunting guides work hard preparing for your hunt prior to you booking a trip. Many hours are spent on the farms ensuring food sources and finding the best location to get you on a deer. The industry standard tip for a guide is 10% of the hunt price. Our guides work hard so you can enjoy yourself. All tips are greatly appreciated!

What do I need to purchase for my hunt?

After you have purchased a hunt with Bluegrass Whitetail Outfitter, you will need to buy a Kentucky deer license.  Kentucky deer tags are over the counter and cost $260. All food is provided at the lodge. If you have any dietary conditions, we will accommodate just let us know your needs.

Does Bluegrass Whitetail Outfitters have a trophy fee?

Our outfitter currently does not charge a trophy fee.

Do you have a management policy of deer?

Our Operations Manager, Adam O'Bryan is meticulous about managing the deer on our farms. He not only ensures the deer are feasting on the best crops but that the young bucks get the opportunity to mature. Feel free to discuss deer management with Adam at anytime during your hunt.

What size bucks will I be hunting?

Most of the bucks that are harvested in Breckinridge County are 140-170" deer. We have a few roaming around that might be a bit larger but those would be an exception to the average deer we typically see in our area. 

What is your success rate?

Our current success rate for the 2018 season is 50%. We have knocked down some nice deer and also let many walk.