A few noteable Team Members


Adam O'Bryan (Co-Owner Bluegrass Whitetail/Operations Manager)

Adam has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life. While in the military, Adam served as a Calvary Scout in the U.S. Army for 5 years, with one year being deployed in OIF 1. In 2005 Adam moved his family back to Kentucky and began working for Fort Knox and has continued to support soldiers and the U.S Military. Adam is married to Christy and is the father of three boys, Andrew and Barrett (twins age 7) and Jace (age 5). His entire family share a love of the outdoors and all of his young boys killed a nice buck in 2017. Adam is an experienced and accomplished hunter and has taken numerous deer in the 140" mark and will work hard to ensure the same for you. Get to know Adam around the Bluegrass Whitetail camp and you will realize Christ and his family come first but he is very passionate and entertaining when it comes to everything in regards to hunting.


Mitch Jackson (Co-Owner Bluegrass Whitetail)

Hello my name is Mitch Jackson and as my picture indicates, I am giddy about landing big deer. I grew up in rural Kentucky and have been hunting since the early age of 8. I am the local State Farm agent in our county and that has allowed me to have tremendous connections with farm and land owners. These relationships are what inspired me to become an Outfitter and to offer an opportunity for people to come hunt Kentucky. Our rural area needs tourism and any type of industry to help support rural life. Through my relationships with wonderful Kentucky landowners we have amassed ample ground that might not normally be hunted. My passion for outfitting can be dialed down to a few key areas. I enjoy the hunting process way more than the kill. For me, a correct hunt is putting the time into food sources, making sure you have good bedding on the farms and correctly tracking your herd throughout the year. When the work is done the hunt is easy. We are a small hometown outfitter who want to stay small. We believe in quality over quantity. In my spare time I lead the music at our small rural church and I enjoy playing golf with my wife Edie. She always wins. From our family to yours, we would love to help you make memories while killing your deer of a lifetime.  


Norbert Jackson (Co-Owner of Bluegrass Whitetail Outfitter)

Norbert has been an avid hunter for the past 45 seasons in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. Through  the seasons, he has seen firsthand our county turn into a premiere county for trophy deer. Norbert currently has Bluegrass Whitetail Outfitters bragging rights for biggest deer within the BWT team! This is a title that is fiercely contended every season. 

Away from hunting, Norbert stays busy with his construction company he has owned for 30 years. Jack of all trades almost describes the many talents of Norbert Jackson. During your stay with BWT, you can experience the recently renovated lakehouse that we like to call deer camp, courtesy of Norbert. 

In his extra spare time Norbert enjoys spending time rebuilding his local family farm. Through hard work he has rebuilt the farm into a working farm and place to enjoy the Kentucky woods. Norbert is an exceptional team member dedicated to bringing quality Kentucky hunts to others who enjoy the outdoors.


Kyle Hopper--Jovial preacher man and hunting guide!

Hello my name is Kyle Hopper. I am blessed with a super wife and 3 amazing kids! I am also a pastor here in rural Kentucky. I haven't always been called to be a pastor and share the Gospel.  In fact, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with an emphasis in Wildlife. My dad instilled in me a love for catching all of God's critters! Most of my hobbies involve being outside (hunting, fishing, gardening and finding edible mushrooms called morels). I love catching a big fish or killing a monster buck as much as the next guy. I also have a passion for serving others and helping to create memories through amazing adventures! I love everything about hunting not just the final shot. I like scouting, hanging stands, eating great food back at camp and telling hilarious stories around a fire. Yes, part of my job is getting you close to a trophy whitetail of which Kentucky has a fair share. My real passion is helping you go home with some great stories and memories to last a lifetime! 


Doug Flood-Hunting Guide

Doug has had a love for hunting and the outdoors all of his life. He started hunting as a young boy and is excited to share his passion for hunting deer with others. When he isn't positioning hunters in prime hunting blinds, Doug works as a welder at TGH Machine. A trade he has crafted for the last 14 years. Doug is married to Maria and they have 3 wonderful children and one on the way. Lucia (11), Isaac (8) and Hannah (3) have also enjoyed hunting. Lucia and Isaac have both killed good deer the last 3 years. Doug enjoys everything about hunting and many summer days he has helped set stands, track deer and grow food plots. If Doug is your guide for your BWT hunt you will definitely have a great experience!


Ryan Wade-Hunting Guide

Ryan Wade has been an avid whitetail hunter all 35 years of his life. He grew up farming and now works in the sign business for the last 11 years. His work is top notch as we can attest! Ryan made the most epic stickers for Bluegrass Whitetail Outfitters to take to industry trade shows. We not only recommend him as your hunting guide but also for your business sign needs. Ryan has a daughter named Rylan that has a deep love for deer hunting and softball. She killed her first two bucks the past two seasons. Ryan is happiest making memories with his daughter outdoors. He also enjoys meeting new people guiding whitetail deer hunts. Ryan will be the guy in camp with the best southern accent, quick smile and laid back personality.


Kyle Heaverin-Hunting Guide

Great smile, Kyle was introduced to the outdoors by his Uncle Ricky. At the young age of 8, he killed his first deer which sparked his passion for hunting. Kyle has 21 years of hunting experience in the state of Kentucky and has also hunted other states. Kyle will soon travel to Canada for a bear hunt. If you didn't notice from his great head of hair, Kyle is a barber at our local barber shop. Kyle likes to watch people succeed and grow and is eager to help you tag out on the buck of a lifetime with Bluegrass Whitetail Outfitters. 


Chef Whittney

Whittney was born and raised in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. She grew up on a small family farm, helping in tobacco and watching her dad tend row crops. She attributes her work ethic and farm knowledge to her upbringing on the family farm, something she is grateful to have experienced. Whittney has two rambunctious boys Colton (9) and Trenton (6). As a family they enjoy riding UTVs, playing nerf gun wars, and enjoying outside activities including landscaping, baseball and fishing. As a teenager, Whittney had a passion for archery and she started bow hunting which included several kills. Her son Colton has also become interested in hunting and  archery. In the last few seasons, Colton was able to take his first buck, a solid 8 point Kentucky whitetail. He is already eager for more hunting! Whittney is the master of all things great to eat at camp. Besides growing her own garden, Whittney enjoys preparing meals for others to enjoy. Her goal is to ensure all hunters with Bluegrass Whitetail Outfitters eat well. She likes to make people happy through her wonderful cooking skills.